Thursday, February 9, 2012

I'm Ready World

Lately, I have been thinking about what I really love - hospice work.  I love so many aspects of it.  For a long time I have held the belief that people don't come into this world alone, and they should not leave this world alone.  When I was 14, I lost a brother in a car accident and have always wondered if he felt alone or if he died without that knowledge or feeling.  In my hospice work, we don't often care for people who have no one, but it does happen.  Sometimes, family lives far away, and they are doing their best to get to their loved one, but travel can be unpredictable.  
I decided that I would like to actually do Vigil work.   As a doctor, midwife, or doula  aids in bringing a child into the world, vigil work or death midwifery, respectfully ushers people out of this world.  Now, keep in mind, I am not referring to physically doing anything that would speed up the process like some "death doctors" who have been in the news.  I would just like to be a peaceful loving presence that stays with a person in whatever way brings them the greatest comfort.  Sometimes, I find that putting these things "out there" via blog posting or conversation is like telling the universe, "I am ready to do this work, so help to prepare me."  I really think that I was born to do this work, and I am looking forward to the journey of preparation and participation.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Positive Attitude Goes a Long Way

I wanted to share this great 10 minute TED video that talks about how a positive attitude can actually change everything.  No one is implying that life is always easy or without struggles, but is your glass half empty or half full?  Make it an hour, a day, and a week of seeing the positive side of life. 
Click TED to see the video

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Magical Saturday

It began as a blissful rare morning that let me sleep in until it was light outside. I awoke and saw that ho-hum, it was yet another gray day.   When I finally got out of bed I looked out my window and gasped.  The frost was thick on every branch of every tree, and my world looked like a fairy tale that had come to life.  I pulled on my walking gear and headed outside with my camera.  The path is too protected, so there was no frost there.  I headed out across the lake to the various islands and outcroppings.  I never saw another person, and the world seemed covered in a blanket of quiet.  Looking back on it, I find it strange for a Saturday morning.  There was so much beauty in this gray day.  It's just another lesson for me to see the beauty in each and every day and every kind of weather.  Breathe in the beauty of this day wherever you are and whatever you are doing.