Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Transformation in photos

Recently I took a class entitled "Midwifing Death"at the Aslan Institute.  Although the title is somewhat upsetting to some, it was a fascinating class.  We learned how to assist people in their spiritual journey as they pass on.  It was an amazing two days.  

 At the end of the class, one of the instructors  brought in a big box with dozens of Monarch caterpillarsShe gave 6 or so to anyone interested in raising the caterpillars.  I took seven and every morning picked the fresh milkweed they eat .  I was amazed at how much those little things ate (and pooped) and just how fast they grew.  One by one, they all made cocoons.  Well after one week, all but one of the cocoons turned black and the beautiful monarchs hatched.  It was an absolutely remarkable front row seat to transformation.

What is ripe for transformation in your own life?  Growth and change can be uncomfortable.  Transformation can also lead to things beyond our wildest imaginations!  Enjoy the series of photos!

Reverie Harp

I have the most delightful patient right now. "June" served as a missionary and has the most interesting life story, including raising 7 children!  I often strum on the Reverie Harp when I visit with patients.  It is wonderful if they are sleeping, unconscious, or unable to communicate.  My current patient, June, is usually sleeping when I stop in to see her, so I sit quietly and play the harp in her room.  Several weeks ago, she was awake when I arrived.  She was all excited to ask me if I had been there the week before and if I had played the harp for her.  I told her that I had been there and did play the harp.  She told me that even though she was asleep and dreaming, the music wove into her dreams and she found it so comforting and beautiful.  I was so happy.  I have played so many time for people who are non verbal or who pass away without regaining consciousness.  With what June told me, I now think that they can hear me playing and are comforted.  What a wonderful confirmation.