Monday, June 17, 2013

I am sometimes amazed at what I can see when I have a camera strung around my neck.  For some reason, I look at things differently.  I recently heard someone say the same thing about holding a sketch pad.  I think that after some time and some training, holding the camera, sketch pad or whatever your "thing" is,  switches the brain  over to a mode of observation or creativity.  If I find myself grumbling or thinking that I need a break, I should know by now, that I should wear a camera, even if I don't take one picture.  It calms me.  Look at this beautiful wild columbine flower.  It was hidden, but with my photographer's eye, it jumped out at me.  
If you are needing to switch gears and see your glass as half full, try holding your version of a camera, or doing that activity that transforms you.  Do you feel alive when you sing, when you dance, when you write?  Take the time to nurture yourself and you will pass it on 100-fold to those with whom you come in contact  all day long.  Leave people with a smile on their face wondering what is making you so happy.  Pass it on!