Monday, October 28, 2013

Another great adventure

I had the most awesome day today!  I was with one of my great clients, well actually 2 of my clients, since they are an elderly couple.  Their daughters have hired me to look in on "Lila and Bob" two evenings each week.  This gives the adult children a nice break and an opportunity to spend time with their own families.  My assignment is to look in on the adorable couple, make sure that they have what they need for dinner, and help them with chores, or take them on errands. 

This night, the pre-ordered dinner did not arrive, so I navigated the retirement community resources to find out if dinner delivery was late or nonexistent.  Lila and Bob can no longer drive, so they love to have me take them on errands.  Tonight, after we scoured the refrigerator to put together a dinner, we went to Walmart.  Lila has some pretty significant memory loss, so as we strolled the aisles, I calmed her fear (several times) that her husband had forgotten the list and his wallet.  We were giggling through the store and trying to keep up with Bob's spry pace.  I helped them find everything on their list, and  a few treats that weren't.  When we got to the check out, a man of about 60 paused near us and asked "Are you their daughter?"  I replied "No" and asked why he wanted to know.  He said, "You are just so cute together."  I thanked him, and as he walked away he said "Thank you for helping them." 

I haven't stopped thinking about the Walmart mystery man's comments.  I had been going through the store so in awe- that I got to do this work, that it's always an adventure, that it never feels like work, and that I love it so much!  To have a stranger tell me that he saw the JOY that we were exuding was mind-blowing to say the least.  Truly magical....

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